Ethos of Care

Every resident is cherished as a unique individual with a rich life history, distinct preferences, and inherent dignity. Each person’s experience with dementia is different and care plans are crafted to reflect the specific needs, interests, and abilities of each resident. Our team is trained to foster trusting, empathetic relationships with residents and their families, creating a warm and supportive community.

Partnership Approach

Care at The Tall Trees is delivered on a partnership basis. Our team, residents, families and health care experts collaborate to provide the best for residents.

The Tall Trees is a place where your family can be confident that your loved one’s happiness and wellbeing is our focus every day.

Long and short term care can be provided. The highly experienced team will care for your loved one to the highest standards and will take the time to get to know and understand exactly how they like things to be. It’s often the little things that matter most.

Supporting Families

We understand that cognitive changes affect not only the individual but also their loved ones. We provide comprehensive support and education to families, empowering them to navigate the challenges of cognitive changes with confidence and compassion.

The Four Ferns has an open visiting policy. Family and friends are welcome to visit their loved ones at The Tall Trees at any time and residents are encouraged to continue to socialise with family and friends outside of The Tall Trees.

Steps to Care

Step 1

Get in contact with us either by phone on (0)1 9123940  or the enquiry form here.

Step 2

Our team will contact you to discuss how we might be able to help and the care we can provide. You can ask any questions that you might have in relation to the care and services we provide.

Step 3

You will be offered a tour of the residence including the accommodation, communal areas, dining facilities and outdoor spaces. We understand that there are additional challenges at a time like this and we will assist you through those. We will guide you through the process and the next steps.

Step 4

All prospective residents will require a full nursing assessment in advance of admission to The Tall Trees. Adele Chapman, our relationship manager, will organise and coordinate this assessment.

Step 5

Our new resident will be welcomed to The Tall Trees where you can be confident that their wellbeing and happiness is our priority every day.